What is Lisk Elite?

Lisk Elite is the most profitable pool for Lisk. Elite Group is on the mission of maintaining the Lisk blockchain. Our most important achievement is to make Lisk successful. We have a proven history of contributions to Lisk.

Our contributions for Lisk include: listing on exchanges (like Binance, OKex,, the first Lisk Startup Incubator with HQ in China, Lisk ATMs in HK, ongoing donations to Lisk related projects, support & organization of meetups, strong support for Asian communities and much more.

How to earn rewards weekly?

Simply vote all the 48 members of Lisk Elite group and you’ll be automatically receiving a 20% reward from every Lisk Elite delegate(except china).
The following buttons open Lisk Hub with the preset votes, since you can vote max 33 delegates per transaction, you will have to press and confirm each of the two buttons.
In order to get the weekly rewards, you have to vote for all the members.

Vote the first 33 Lisk Elite members

Vote another 13 Lisk Elite members

How the pool works:

Every forging delegate(except china) of the Lisk Elite Group shares 20% of the forging reward to the voters. An additional 5% is shared to the Elite Fund which is used for financing the activities like the Lisk Elite Center (Statrtup incubator in China), donations to the community, meetups sponsorships, marketing events and other activities involving Lisk.

1. For getting the rewards you have vote for all of Elite Group members; Check Status

2. Elite reward payouts will be done on a weekly basis and will be paid out to voter accounts automatically.

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Any questions please contact us by email: service[at] [at] -> @